Product List

Currently we supply three basic kit sizes which are: 0.5 lites, 2.5 litres and 5 litres.

Commonly, users try the process with our smallest (0.5 litre) kit and then, if they are happy with the results, they purchase the larger, and more cost effective, kits.

All kits come complete ready to go with full instructions and applicable health and safety information.

Note: All solutions are premixed and no further dilution is required.

The individual solutions are replaceable (full price list sent with kit).

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     Current Price List of our Standard Kits

Kit Code Description Pack Price
PIX-100 Standard Kit 4 x 0.5L £45.60
PIX-200 2.5 Litre Kit 4 x 2.5L £106.92
PIX-500 5 Litre Kit 4 x 5L £169.20









Prices are in UK Pounds sterling and include carriage (UK mainland) and VAT at current rate (20%)

NOTE! Due to restrictions by carriers we are unable to ship overseas.