The Process

BLACK-IT! for Iron & Steel

The process is easy to apply and does not use heat or any toxic compounds. Typically, the time to BLACK a component is less than 15 minutes. After treatment, the component is ready for use or assembly.

The surface finish of the component is unaffected and there are no changes to  any dimensions.

Once treated with the process the component’s black finish is  stable for ever!

Finally, the BLACK-IT! process leaves  the metal surface embedded with oil which resists rusting.

Process instructions for Iron & Steel

The following sequence outlines the steps taken to black an Iron or Steel component. [To see a graphical demonstration click  here. TBA]

  1. Degrease with BLACK-IT! Degreaser 
  2. Rinse in water
  3. Condition using BLACK-IT! Conditioner
  4. Rinse in water   
  5. Black using BLACK-IT! Blacking  solution   
  6. Rinse in water   
  7. Seal and rustproof with BLACK-IT! Dewatering  oil   
  8. Drain and allow to dry